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Everything You Want to Know About Christmas

The Complete History of Boxing Day (The Day After Christmas)

What does Boxing Day mean to you? Boxing day traditions go back 2000 years to the ancient Roman pagan celebrations, have been incorporated loosely into our Christian traditions – and now there are many fun facts about the day after Christmas. As Christmas Day is a time for indulgence, most of us need a chance […]

The Complete History of The 12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas is a period of celebration, a time to reflect on the lives of the saints, a time to give and receive. And a time to sing that famous Christmas carol with its secret double meaning. In pagan times a winter celebration relieved the tedium of dull, cold winter days. And […]

Why Do You Not Eat Meat on Christmas Eve?

What do you eat on Christmas Eve? Are you having a meat-free Christmas dinner? Do you follow the traditional no meat Christmas Eve dinner making a fish feast? And have you ever wondered why we do this? And there are so many fish dishes to choose from. Certainly, Christmas Eve is a time of celebration. […]